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Written By: Namrata Kumblekar on March 13, 2011 No Comment
Connectivity changed through Social Media!

Social Media is a term widely used today. Everyone around only seems to be speaking of the various social networking sites. It’s not uncommon to see children of age 5 and 7 facebooking and tweeting today. Social media has become part of our daily lives […]

Written By: Namrata Kumblekar on February 21, 2011 No Comment

Media has always played a vital role in our lives. However, about a decade ago one would never have imagined how this channel of communication would grow on to us. Today we eat, sleep and drink media.  Is this because our interactions with families and friends have reduced due to the rage of […]

Written By: Yogin Vora on December 9, 2010 No Comment

A business leader creates a cohesive, dynamic team by:

Clearly stating the team’s mission and goals.
Helping the team members to operate creatively.
Increasing synergy of the team.
Helping the team to focus on the results.
Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the team members.
Making the team well organized.
Coaching the team members to build […]

Written By: Yogin Vora on November 7, 2010 4 Comments
5 M’s of Advertising

5 M’s of Advertising :

MISSION: What are the Advertising objectives?

MONEY: How much can be spent? (Advertising budget)

MESSAGE: What message should be sent?

MEDIA: What media should be used?


Written By: Yogin Vora on March 3, 2009 No Comment


‘The erosion of mass markets and consumer trends towards customisation and personalisation is driving marketing towards an experience-based economy.’

Music is a powerful medium that can bring the emotional qualities of products and services to life and help activate a Brand promise. The beat of the music can literally connect […]

Written By: Yogin Vora on February 28, 2009 No Comment

In the changing business scenario customer service is assuming a prominent place. This is the result of competition that is sweeping the modern business scene. Customer’s perceptions & expectations have under gone change. Customer dissatisfaction is loss of business and reputation. Hence the new status of customer satisfaction. A good production function produces […]

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